Valentine’s Day White Berry Sangria

white berry sangria

It’s a few days early but, we’re all ready for Valentine’s Day over here! As much as Ben likes to drink whiskey and beer, he’s secretly a fan of my little girly cocktails. Specifically sangria. He loves fruity drinks and whenever I make sangria, I can always expect him to have a few glasses. I made this today as a little treat for our relaxing weekend after getting our living room and dining room floors laid. We’ve been busy on weekends and weeknights for the past few weeks and this weekend we agreed to do absolutely nothing. For a pre-Valentine’s Day drink, I made this White Berry Sangria. I used frozen fruit because it was easy and cheap and cooled off my Pinot Grigio real quick! You can truly use any fruits you like but my favorite combo is as follows.

White Berry Sangria Recipe

8 oz. white wine (I chose a Pinto Grigio)
4 oz. triple sec
2 oz. Kinky liqueur
2 oz. ginger ale
Frozen mixed-berry fruit (strawberry, blackberry, raspberry is my favorite)

Fill your glass with ice. Pour the ingredients over ice and stir. Garnish with fruit. Let fruit steep for a few minutes and serve. The longer you let the fruit steep the fruitier (and pinker) the drink gets!

white berry sangria recipe

valentines day sangria

Do you have a favorite Valentine’s Day cocktail? Please share with me in the comments!

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